What are some of the treatment options?

Treatment for Sighted Non-24 will depend on the cause. For many patients, they find improved health if they sleep whenever they are sleepy, (this is called free-running).

Sometimes, strict light and/or dark therapy can help those with Sighted Non-24 hold on to a 24-hour day.

Low dose melatonin under doctor supervision has also been known to help some.

The pharmaceutical company, Vanda, developed a drug called Hetlioz (tasimelteon) specifically to treat Non-24. It has been known to be effective for some Sighted Non-24 patients, but usually requires patients appeal to their insurance company because it is expensive at around $60,000 per year without insurance coverage. It is also relatively unknown, as fewer than 1,000 people are currently using Hetlioz.

However, patients may not find improvement with any of these known treatments and may find that free-running is their best option.

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