Artwork: “Unrest”

“Unrest” by Lena Adams, 2019
Medium: Steel Wire

Unrest. Sculpture by Lena Adams 2019
Unrest. Sculpture by Lena Adams 2019

“Baby mobiles are called “unrest” in Norwegian. I imagined these female unrestful spirits, and it was because of them I couldn’t sleep at night. So I created this oversized baby mobile, which my boyfriend named “Stepmother Decor.”

Sleep is a major struggle in many peoples lives, yet so important for mental wellness. As a Non-24, I certainly have laid awake many a night, and with cptsd sleep isn’t always restful.

I imagine them to be both beautiful and a little freaky, but not evil. They allow for contemplation and imagination, so they are not just bad.

The material used is steel wire, and its 120 cm tall and 90 cm wide.”

Unrest is part of Adams’ March 2019 exhibition “Wings”, dealing with mental illness and wellness. You can see the exhibition online here:

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